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11/05/2020 SO(SE-I)1-24/2016 School Education Department has regularized the services of 126 of HMs/Dy.HMs recruited through PPSC in 2016 with immediate effect. They were appointed on contract basis for a period of five years, and upon completion of contract have been regularized based on their satisfactory conduct and performance. Regularization of teachers who have completed their contract period has been a longstanding demand of the teaching fraternity which now stands resolved. School Education Department is undertaking a concentrated effort to resolve all outstanding issues of the teachers so that our honorable teachers can focus on their duty of nation building with more vigour and dedication.  


21/2/2019 SO(SE-II)17-1/2013/SSS/History/Pak Studies Regularization SSS(History/Pak Studies) BS18 Female  
01/02/2019 SO(SE-I)1-354/2013/SSS/Chemistry Regularization SSS(Chemistry) BS 18 Male  
01/02/2019 SO(SE-I)1-279/2013/SSS/Statistics Regularization SSS(Statistics) BS 18 Male  
01/02/2019 SO(SE-I)1-231/2013/SSS/Physics Regularization SSS(Physics) BS 18 Male  
01/02/2019 SO(SE-I)1-8/2014/SS/Physics Regularization SS(Physics) BS 17 Male  
01/02/2019 SO(SE-I)1-353/2013/SSS/History/Pak Studies Regularization SSS(History/Pak Studies) BS 18 Male  
01/02/2019 SO(SE-I)1-344/2013/SSS/Math Regularization SSS(Math) BS 18 Male  
01/02/2019 SO(SE-I)1-280/2013/SSS/Economics Regularization SSS(Economics) BS 18 Male  
01/02/2019 SO(SE-I)1-6/2014/SS/Computer Science Regularization SS(Computer Science) BS 17 Male  
01/02/2019 SO(SE-I)1-180/2013/SSS/Computer Science Regularization SSS(Computer Science) BS 18  
01/02/2019 SO(SE-I)1-280/2013/SSS/Commerce/Book Keeping Regularization SSS(Commerce/Book Keeping) BS 18  
01/02/2019 SO(SE-I)1-180/2013/SSS/Biology Regularization SSS(Bio) BS 18  
31/01/2019 SO(SE-I)17-1/2013/SSS/History/Pak Studies Regularization SSS(History/Pak Studies) BS 18  
31/01/2019 SO(SE-I)17-1/2013/SSS/Chemistry Regularization SSS(Chemistry) BS 18  
31/01/2019 SO(SE-I)17-1/2013/SSS/Economics Regularization SSS(Economics) BS 18  
31/01/2019 SO(SE-I)17-1/2013/SSS/Statistics Regularization SSS(Statistics) BS 18  
31/01/2019 SO(SE-I)17-1/2013/SS/Commerce/Book Keeping Regularization SS(Commerce/Book Keeping) BS 17  
31/01/2019 SO(SE-I)17-1/2013/SS/Physics Regularization SS(Physics) BS 17  
31/01/2019 SO(SE-I)17-1/2013/SS/Statustics Regularization SS(Computer Science) BS 17 Female  
31/01/2019 SO(SE-I)17-1/2013/SS/Cc Regularization SS(Statistics) BS 17  


26/08/2015 SO(SE-I)15-3/2011(P) Regularization of SS/ HM/ SSS/Sr.HM
24/07/2015   Regularization of SS/HM/Sr.HM BS17 and BS18
19/04/2013   SS (BS17) and SSS (BS18)
30/11/2012   BS17-Male (Disabled)
28/11/2012   BS17-Male (SS)
21/11/2012   BS18-Male
31/10/2012   Regularization BS18-Male
08/10/2012   Regularization BS17-Male
18/08/2012   Regularization of Sr.HM\DDEO BS-18-Female
30/06/2011   BS17 Male & Female (Adhoc Subject Specialists)
30/06/2011   BS17 Male & Female
18/06/2011   Regularization of Adhoc SS and SSTs.
16/06/2011   BS18 & BS19-Male
16/06/2011   BS18 & BS19-Female
10/06/2011   BS9 to BS18 Male & Female
09/05/2011   HM/DY.HM-Male
06/05/2011   SS BS17-Male