Private Schools

Date   Order No.   Subject
17/09/2019   SO(A-I)3-4/2015(P-II) CPLA   Monitorinf and Regulation of Fees Charged by Private Educational Institutions
10/05/2019   SO(A-I)3-4/2015   Writ Petition No 105643/2017
27/02/2018   SO(A-I)3-4/2015(P-II)   Notification regarding development of Private Schools Complaints Management System
6/12/2017   SO(A-I) 3-4/2015   Report of the Committee to Enquire into the Enhancement of School Fee by Private Schools/Private School Chains beyn permissible limit in 2017
25/11/2015   SO(A-I) 8-2/2012 (A) (P-I)   Registration of Private Schools
23/09/2015   SO(A-I) 8-2/2012 (A) (P-I)   Refund of Additional Fee Collected by Private Schools
21/09/2015   SO(A-I) 8-2/2012 (A) (P-I)   Committee to Act as Registering Authority for Privately Managed Primary, Elementary, Secondary, H.Secondary O&A Levels Schools
15/09/2015   DCO/CAMP/1143   Direction of Fees in Private Schools