Date Order No. Subject Pdf
07/05/2015   Tuitin Fee during summary vacation  
25/03/2015 SO(SE-III) 5-72/2014 Enrolment Emergency Compaign 2015
05/08/2014 SO(SE-III) 2-33/2013 EDOs (Edu) Conference
11/03/2014 SO(SE-III) 5-72/2014 Enrolment Emergency Campaign 2014
23/09/2013 2767 PA/D(ADMN) Selection of Dy.DEOs (M&F) Through Search Committee
24/06/2013 SO(SE-III) 5-49/2013 Reallocation of teaching posts
30/07/2013 SO(SE-III) 2-29/2010 Weekly Progress Report
30/05/2013 SO(S-IV) 6-22/2013 Conditionaly Cleared cases for Promotion as SS (BS17)
06/03/2013 SO(SE-III) 2-16/2007 Grant of PhD and M.Phil Allowance
12/04/2013 SO(A-I) 1-31/2008 Notification For School and Office Timings with Two Holidays
18/07/2013 SO(SE-III) 2-26/2010 Enrolment Emergency Campaign 2013
07/10/2011 SO(SE-Iv) 2-34/2009 (TR)
03/10/2011 SO(A-I) 1-42/2008 World Teachers' Day
23/08/2011 SO(SE-IV)2-34/2008 Teaching of arabic language in schools
06/2011   School Management Committee/ School Council
    Punjab Private Educational Institution (Promotion & Regulation Ordinance)
30/06/2011 SO(SE-IV)2-34/2009 Lifting of ban on posting and transfer
29/06/2011 SO(SE-I)19-19/2010 Posting of disabled candidates as subject specialist (BS17-Male)
27/06/2011 SO(SE-I)1-10/2011 Priorities/procedures for provision of teaching staffin the newly upgraded H.Sec schools
17/05/2011 SO(SE-I)1-10/2011 (L&IT) Posting/Adjustment of EDOs
08/03/2011 SO(SE-I)15-29/2010 Committee for selection EDOs and DEOs
    Proforma for the post of EDOs(Edu) and DEOs